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haha its so awkward when youre digging a hole to hide a body and you find another body. 

"Longing is a scar inside the heart and a country’s fingerprint on the body."
-Mahmoud Darwish, In the Presence of Absence (via yesyes)




boobs would be a lot cooler if you could unzip your underboob and store things in it like a pencil case 


u heard me 

"Seeing someone read a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person."
-(via simmykixx)
"Maybe our world doesn’t have magical owls that bring you invitations to go on adventures, but it does have libraries."

Andrew Slack – co-founder and Executive Director of the Harry Potter Alliance – in his keynote yesterday at the American Library Association’s Midwinter Meeting (via thehpalliance)

Very nicely said!

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"Novels aren’t just happy escapes; they are slivers of people’s souls, nailed to the pages, dripping ink from veins of wood pulp. Reading the right one at the right time can make all the difference."
-Brandon Sanderson (via burninggravity)


do you ever just get so zoned into your music that you forget that you’re staring at someone’s dick or that you’re walking in a crowded hallway or that life is real


why is viagra covered by health insurance but tampons and pads arent that shit is expensive and costs accumulate quickly and its unfair when people with vaginas dont actively choose to have their fucking periods 

"I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature. All of this is art to me."
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Every single person who reblogs this will get a book recommendation in their ask based on their description and blog.

every. single. person. I promise!